Sweet Punishment

Something about thigh high boots heighten my feelings of command. The noise the heel makes when your foot strikes the floor, the extra height and length they add to my luxuriously shapen legs. The thing in particular that makes me smile when I put a pair on has to be the look I command on a whipping boys face when I wear them.  There’s even a glimmer  of excitement until he notices my own expressions. His dreams come to fruition with a wide smile spreading across my face like a sadistic wild fire; giving way to a giggle as I trail across the playspace. I grow bright with enthusiasm, letting his raw anxious fear encourage his eye to subconsciously hint towards which implements make him shiver as I walk by them.  I’m laughing now, now that i’ve seen what devilish delight  his caught his eye. “You pervert!”  I call playfully out to him as i’ve found his poison. Hot enthrall shoots through his veins as his vulnerability sinks in. His hands are above his head, keeping him suspended barely able to touch his toes to the floor. His face flushes red as he watches my smile die to a smirk, it’s time to play.

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