Collaring and House Boys


I get quite a number of inquires from submissives looking to be collared, or otherwise owned as a house or errand boy. I currently have very limited time and ability to offer the amount of commitment properly caring for and training a collared servant or slave would take; so I only accept one at a time. That being said, I do regularly enjoy my hourly clientele and I do offer overnight sessions as well as training and protocol schedules for my hourly visitors. Collaring and training a submissive is intensive and requires quite a bit of my time to adjust and modify my schedule to meet a new dedicated slaves needs. Before I would consider, you must demonstrate you re willing to put in just as much effort.

Collaring From My Perspective

The Slave Collar is symbolic of a slaves Submission. There is even a noticeable change in his demeanor when its placed on him. By accepting my collar he is demonstrating his willingness to serve my every whim. Its also a visible indication of his status in social play situations, showing that the slave is currently “owned”- literally collared, and that I his mistress must be approached before any contact is made with him. Whilst being collared a submissive should present him self in a manner that displays his submissiveness and obedience, on all fours like a dog with the only exception being a contrary command from me. I view the collar as another tool to help me rewrite the way the slave sees him self when he is wearing it, less man and more dog.

How To Apply

If you have thoroughly read my site, and believe you would be able to meet my needs and I yours; do apply by filling out the contact me form. I will send you an application, and begin tailoring my training and servants todo lists to suit your submission style.  However if you are simply looking for a way to indulge in my sweet sadistic wiles without paying tribute, move on. All play with me requires tribute, it keeps my playlounge running. Special skills and abilities may be considered if they add to the lounge in ways that are impactful.

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