I am often asked which kinks are my favorite; this is surprisingly a difficult question to answer. The truth of the matter is although I can smile to my self with memories of past indulgences and know I loved the kinks involved, it wasn’t the kink it self that was so pleasing to me. What I revel in resides in that flicker in a submissive’s eye. That little glimmer he gets when he realizes he’s my little plaything and cant escape, and more amusingly wouldn’t if he could. Kinks to me are more like tools than anything else. I enjoy reading my sub and implementing kinks as I feel they will gain the desired effect.  I enjoy keeping my plaything on the edge of an abyss; wonder, intrigue, fear, anxiety, and over all the insatiable willingness to please me and mold to my desire. I enjoy which ever kinks will give me such a result, which varies from sub to sub, as such so do my favorite kinks. That all Being said , here is a list of kinks I indulge in (no particular order).

*Trampling : Light to intense
*Humiliation: Small penis, racial, emasculation etc.
* Tease and denial: Tie and Tease
*Wet and Messy: Pancake mix, clay.
*Golden Showers: Chest. Face, consumption
*Forced Consumption: Liquor, Golden,
*Foot/ Shoe Fetish: Bare foot, Boot, Shoe, Dirty, Clean.
*Kennel Play: Overnight caging, hourly caging, cage related tortures.
*Sensory deprivation: Light to intense.
* Suspension : Light to intense

*Cock and Ball torture: Light to intense.
*Ball Busting:Light to intense
*Fire play
*Breath Control
*Bondage: Rope, Cuff , Mummification , ductape.
*Public Humiliation
*Electro therapy: Mild to intense
*Interrogation: Cia inspired
*High Protocol training

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